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Optrel 1008.001 Auto-Darkinging Welding Cap

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  • The new optrel weldcap combines the lightweight wear comfort of a baseball cap with the full protection of an autodarkening welding helmet. weldcap is soft where it needs to be comfortable, rigid where it needs to be tough.
  • Revolutionary Wear Comfort – weldcap’s lightweight, flame-retardant textile is soft where it must be comfortable and its robust plastic is rigid where it must be tough, while meeting the ANSI Z87.1+ standard for impact resistance.
  • Lightweight Design – weldcap weighs less than 14 ounces and is lighter than most traditional welding helmets. Its snug baseball cap fit and a lens placed closer to the eyes allows weldcap to sit more comfortably on a welder’s head.
  • Thanks to its baseball cap-inspired design, it can be taken on and off very quickly. weldcap easily attaches to the welder’s belt with the optrel parking buddy, improving its accessibility to the welder.
  • Extensive Field of View – At the heart of its technical innovation is weldcap’s optical unit, which features a well-defined nose cut out that places the lens closer to the eyes, enlarging the welder’s line of sight by 2.7 times.